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Do you want to be part of a team pioneering advanced analytics throughout the world? Do you want to directly affect the lives of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow? At Amplify, we are helping organizations to make use of existing data to take fact-based commercial decisions.

We are looking for a self-driven Business Data Analyst who is passionate about creating insights from data and turning them into real business actions. Although you will not be a data scientist, you will serve your clients through fast prototyping of possible data models and as such will experience and develop your skills in modelling software (R, Python) through our proven 70-20-10 formula (70% on the job learning, 20% self-learning, 10% coaching and formal training).

We are located in Campus X, the leading incubator for tech companies in Southeast Europe. As we are building a diverse multinational team, the office working language is English. We can only consider candidates eligible to work in the EU.

Within 30 days you will:

• Become close with the Amplify community, strategy, and 2020 vision.
• Get familiar with our ways of working, our can-do attitude and our experience.
• Understand our current and past projects, as well as our pipeline of work.
• Get hands-on experience with the statistical software of choice and start producing your first outputs.
• Be involved in business development activities, building our collateral and generally everything else is of interest to you.

Within 60 days you will:

Take ownership of an account or project to manage the relationship and day-to-day activities:

Gather, analyze and summarize information of multiple types:
We work with all kinds of data, usually what people call big data – you won’t have to crunch the numbers yourself too often, but you will have to be comfortable with finding your way through walls of structured and unstructured data. Our data scientists will guide you in building the needed skills, but you have to be a self-learner.

Formulate and test hypotheses:
Often our clients need a nudge in the right direction when formulating their problem statements, potential causes and then testing possible solutions. You’ll have to lead this, coaching your client by asking the right questions to expose and articulate the business challenge they need to address.

Develop and communicate recommendations:
We don’t just have to find the numerical answer. We bridge the gap between advanced analytical approaches and business needs, therefore we have to find an answer, prove it, defend it, and explain it to the business until we get the buy-in across the organization.

Pay attention to detail:
We need to understand intimately our client’s business, their challenges, stakeholders and ways of working. We prepare and deliver flawless presentations, triple checking numbers, and yes even dress in formal business attire.

Be ready to support any conclusions you make with factual evidence, either through business knowledge or analytical methods:
Our deliverables often get challenged, we rarely end up being wrong. Let’s keep it this way.

Work daily with a diverse group of individuals from across the globe:
You will not be a pure data scientist, but occasionally, on less advanced projects, you will act as one. On complex large-scale projects, we have found that coupling data scientists with business analysts creates exceptional value for our clients, so you will work closely with our data science team, as well as other team members, client employees and contractors.

From a client perspective, you will work with a range of stakeholders starting at analyst level all the way up to C-suite level. We work with clients from across the globe and occasionally we need to visit them.

Within 90 days you will:

• Be a self-sufficient analyst, capable of leading multiple engagements simultaneously, delivering tangible and timely insights, communicating with a multitude of stakeholders and enjoying the dynamic life you’re living.

We treasure diversity and encourage candidates with different backgrounds and experience to apply

• Bachelor’s degree, any discipline is considered, extra points for numbers or business-oriented degrees.
• Native or near-native English proficiency is an absolute must. Spanish, French or German a real advantage.
• Prior experience is a plus but not essential, candidates with 2-5 years would be ideal for junior roles. Candidates with 5+ would be considered for mid-level to senior roles.
• Experience of studying or working in an international environment would be an advantage.
• Track record of analytical or consultancy projects would be a huge advantage, but not a requirement.
• Prior experience with modelling or working with statistical software (R, Python, SPSS,Stata) is great, so please share if you have any.

When choosing Amplify, here’s what you need to know

• We work with international clients, so virtual meetings and conference calls are daily, we speak English most of the time in our international team.
• Dynamic is one way to describe Amplify. We have ambitious growth plans which means you will be joining a growing, changing, evolving, learning, and never-giving-up, can-do organization. At the same time, challenges are faced as a team, in which people respect each other, so don’t expect a Wolf of Wall Street kind of atmosphere.
• Flat structure and relaxed, sensible atmosphere – we are goal-oriented which means as long as we deliver on time and up to a great standard, we don’t care how you come dressed to work, or if you bring your dog along.
• We will compete for every piece of the pie – the world’s top analytics companies are up against us, so our level of interaction and deliverables need to be exceptional.
• The opportunity to grow and learn is on the table, it’s up to you to grab it and make the best out of it. Create your own destiny.
• Competitive pay and performance-based bonus system

Send your CV, give us a couple of days, and we will contact you if we see a good fit.

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