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Do you want to be part of a team pioneering advanced analytics throughout the world? Do you want to directly affect the lives of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow? At Amplify, we are helping organizations to make use of existing data to take successful fact-based commercial decisions.

We are looking for a self-driven Data Scientist who is passionate about fields such as machine learning and predictive modelling but also software engineering, database management and big data concepts. You will be the driving force in creating insights from data and turning them into real business actions, while playing a vital role in developing data driven products, architectures and developing our growing data science team.

Within 30 days you will:

• Become close with the Amplify family, strategy, and 2020 vision.
• Get familiar with our ways of working, our can-do attitude and our experience.
• Understand our current and past projects, as well as our pipeline of work.

Within 60 days you will:

Be fully involved with an account or project to assists our clients with their analytical needs:

Gather, analyze and summarize information of multiple types
Working with Big Data and customer provided information, you will be the go-to person for the extraction, cleansing and review of huge volumes of data from various sources.

Pay attention to detail (for real)
We need to understand intimately our client’s business, their challenges, stakeholders and ways of working. Our models are trustworthy, replicable, and not a black box, but to become that, we need to take into consideration every piece of information we can get our hands on.

Formulate problem statements and test them
Often our clients need a nudge in the right direction when formulating their problem statements, potential causes and then testing possible solutions., Working closely with our business analysts, you will be involved in the end-to-end formulating and testing of problem statements using advanced modelling techniques. You will provide your expertise to ensure our projects and promises are feasible and adequate to the business challenges and opportunities

Develop and communicate recommendations
Based on the outputs of the analytical models that we have built together, we will need to be clear in our recommendations to our clients. Although our business analysts will be driving engine of the communications process, your knowledge of the data and the analytical approach will be vital to forming our final insights and explaining our models.

Educate your peers
Part of our strategy is to equip our business analysts with some data manipulation skills, to avoid project bottle necks and have an adequate data culture. To achieve this, we will expect our data scientists to spread their knowledge. On average, you will spend about 10% of your time assisting our business analysts to grow and develop their data analytical skills. We have a culture of team work, sharing and mutual support, so when people have questions, we take a minute and give them a hand.

Work on a daily basis with a diverse group of individuals from across the globe
Having data scientists and business analysts working closely together has proven to be the most efficient for our complex large-scale projects. You will always have a business analyst counterpart, and all Amplify team members will be there to help at any time. From a client perspective, you will work with a wide range of stakeholders starting at analyst level all the way up to C-suite level. We work with clients in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Caribbean countries – and we need to travel to them.

Within 90 days you will:

• Be a self-sufficient data scientist, capable of participating and/or lead multiple engagements simultaneously, delivering tangible and timely insights, communicating with a multitude of colleagues and clients and enjoying the dynamic life you’re living.

We treasure diversity and encourage candidates with different backgrounds and experience to apply

• Education – BSc or higher in Statistics, Econometrics, Applied mathematics, Computer science or another related field
• Experience with advanced modelling tools (R, Python, MySQL, Spark etc.)
• Experience with statistical tools (SPSS, Stata, MATLAB etc.) will be considered an advantage, but not a requirement
• Experience with database,scripting and programming languages
• Proficient in MS Office
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to translate technical language to a non-technical audience
• Excellent organizational skills and time management
• Fluent/Native English proficiency is an absolute must.
• Candidates with 2-4 years of experience in a related field would be ideal for junior to mid-level roles. Any additional experience will put you on the track to a senior position.
• Any experience of studying or working in an international environment would be an advantage.
• Track record of analytical or consultancy projects would be a huge advantage, but not a requirement.

When choosing Amplify, here’s what you need to know:

• We work with international clients, so travel is occasional, conference calls are daily.
• Dynamic is one way to describe Amplify. We have ambitious growth plans which means you will be joining a growing, changing, evolving, learning, and never-giving-up, can-do organization. At the same time, challenges are faced as a team, in which people respect each other, so don’t expect a Wolf of Wall Street kind of atmosphere.
• Flat structure and relaxed, sensible atmosphere – we are goal-oriented which means as long as we deliver on time and up to a great standard, we don’t care how you come dressed to work, if you work from a beach on Fridays or if you bring your dog along.
• Work-life balance is a priority and we take this seriously – we know that happy people are productive people.
• We will compete for every piece of the pie – the world’s top consultancies are up against us, so our level of interaction and deliverables need to be exceptional.
• The opportunity to grow and learn is on the table, it’s up to you to grab it and make the best out of it. Create your own destiny.
• Very competitive pay and performance-based bonus system¬¬

Send your CV, give us a couple of days, and we will contact you if we see a good fit.

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