Production Support Engineer

We are looking for a production support engineer to work in a rotating shift with the existing team whose goal is to ensure stability and smooth operation within our infrastructure including QA, UAT and PROD environments. Additionally, production support department is continuously engaged in collaborations and joint ventures with other departments – support engineers are expected to take on projects out of scope of their regular daily responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities

  • System monitoring using existing tools — Nagios, scripts, APIs
  • Accurate assessment of incidents and escalation as necessary
  • Working under pressure and precisely documenting and handing off a report at the end of the shift
  • Communicating with other departments via email/chat/phone
  • Communicating with external vendors and liquidity providers for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes
  • Searching through application logs using shell scripts/commands
  • Engaging in continuous efforts to improve the FXCM infrastructure. Improving monitoring, logging and automation
  • Picking a direction in which to progress and take on long-term, more complex projects


  • Advanced knowledge of the Linux Operating System and Utilities
  • Advanced experience with shell scripting
  • Strong knowledge of the Microsoft Windows OS and the Office Suite
  • Strong abilities in complex troubleshooting, problem solving and working under pressure knowing that decisions are impactful to production
  • Some experience with PL/SQL preferred
  • Some experience with programming languages(java, python, etc) is preferred
  • Some experience with financial markets is preferred
  • Strong verbal, written and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment
  • Self-starter. Motivated to take on new projects

All employees working for FXCM must be eligible to work in Bulgaria

Prior to submitting your resume, the firm requests that you do the following:

Review the firm’s website thoroughly: